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Koi Special, under 6 inches


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We made a special buy of locally raised koi, offspring of very large Matsuba and Chagoi. We purchased this lot specifically so we could offer a limited number of koi from 8 to 12+ inches at exceptionally affordable prices.

The lot ranges from simple Matsuba markings with a black pattern/cream body, to solid yellow and copper tones (shown). And check out these prices:

Size Price
10″ and larger $31
8-10″ $25
6-8″ $15
< 6" $8

They’re strong and healthy but are currently in quarantine and being proactively treated for flukes, fungus, and bacterial infections, just in case. We expect them to be ready for your pond by Friday, September 4.

If you’ve ever thought about adding a larger koi or two, now’s the time to act as you simply don’t see them for sale at these prices.

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Dimensions 5 in