Kawarimono, 8-10 inch


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This koi will earn 272 Koi Kash Reward Points.
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Kawarimono is a term used to describe koi that don’t meet any established breed standard. This series of larger koi, bred in Seattle, is the offspring of two different breeds and we find the results unconventional but very pleasing!

What’s harder to see in the photos is the body color, which leans toward cream, an unusual color to see in a pond. These are beautiful koi that are quite hefty, healthy, and energetic.

Because we have a number of these we are not displaying them all, but the koi you receive will look like this one, with the same light body and black pattern down its back. Some koi have a darker pattern than others, but the pattern is consistent. So in this case, the koi you see is not necessarily the one you will receive.

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Dimensions 10 in