Rehoming Koi and Other Pond Creatures

Large koi

Unfortunately, we do not have facilities that allow us to take in koi and other pond or aquarium life. However, customers tell us that the best local source for rehoming is Craig’s List. We frequently see ads for koi there, both free and for sale.

When rehoming koi, you will need clear photos of the fish and the pond. You don’t need to remove them from the pond, but be sure a viewer can see the fish well enough to determine their size, color, and health.

If you’re selling them, be realistic with your prices. Koi in your pond will fetch substantially lower prices than “new” koi from a farm or retailer, with the possible exception of large, imported Japanese koi in superb health. If you need to move them quickly, free is the best price.

We know of one koi rescue in Snohomish County. They have a very large natural pond that is well-equipped for koi. In some cases they may be willing to pick up your fish. They can be reached at (425) 344-0928.