Tricide Neo, 110 grams – FREE Shipping

Tricide Neo treats topical ulcers, wounds, gashes, or any bacterial infection on the koi's skin or fins.

Tricide Neo is a breakthrough product that handles bacterial problems with ease and effectiveness not found with other treatments.

In layman’s terms, this remarkable treatment punctures bacteria cells, allowing the solution to flood in and destroy them. This is a significant advancement over other treatments, which all have various issues with absorption.

Even better, Tricide Neo is administered as a bath. Each 22 gram packet makes 1 gallons of treatment. Simply put the afflicted fish into the gallon of solution for up to 7 minutes. Then give it a short rinse and return it to the pond or tank.

And it gets even better than that! Dr. Erik Johnson, a noted koi veterinarian, developed a method of spraying the Tricide Neo on fish so one packet can treat numerous patients. The leftover liquid can be stored for up to 18 months from the date of manufacture with full effectiveness.


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