Medicated Food Kit For Bacterial Infections

Medicated food is the best method available to fight infections that present as external ulcers, pink spots, pink/red fin streaks, fin rot, or mouth rot. That’s because it is the most efficient way to get treatment into the fish; far more efficient than absorption through gills and skin.

The FDA no longer allows the sale of medicated food, but fortunately, you can still roll your own. This kit contains:

  • Kanaplex
  • MetroPlex
  • Focus

…the three treatment components of medicated food. The recipe couldn’t be much easier. Just combine:

  1. 1 scoop KanaPlex
  2. 1 scoop MetroPlex
  3. 1 scoop Focus
  4. 1 tbsp food (preferably pellets)
  5. A few drops of water
  6. Mix well, allow to dry overnight

If your fish aren’t interested pick up a small jar of minced garlic and add a little garlic plus a few drops of the liquid in the jar.

This medication usually works fast and is reliable. However, if the symptoms are not improving within a few days you might consider Tricide Neo.


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