Arctic Blend Beneficial Winter Bacteria

Winter Pond Care Bacteria That Thrives In Cold Water

100% Natural! No Chemicals! Arctic Blend beneficial bacteria winter fish pond care prevents poor winter pond water conditions, losses, and stresses that can cause spring outbreaks of pathogenic outbreaks.

Just one easy treatment every other week and your fish pond and koi fish will be in optimal condition in the spring.

  • Removes deadly ionized ammonia and toxic un-ionized ammonia from your winter pond water
  • Removes toxic nitrites and nitrates
  • Works in very cold water (as low as 35 degrees F)
  • Beneficial bacteria reduce and digest bottom sludge all winter
  • Helps maintain a healthy koi immune system
  • Will not deplete the oxygen level in your pond water
  • Reduces spring clean up
  • 100% natural, NO CHEMICALS, safe for pets and wildlife

The two most common questions about Arctic Blend:

Q. How does Arctic Blend’s beneficial bacteria remove ammonia from winter pond water when it’s a known fact that nitrifying bacteria does not perform in cold water?

A. Arctic Blend is not a nitrifying bacteria. Its beneficial bacteria is formulated with billions of natural unique microbes that absorb the ammonia from your winter pond water. Then these unique microbes process the ammonia through their system, rendering the ammonia harmless to your fish.

Q. Why should I worry about the ammonia in my winter pond water, my fish are not eating so they do not produce waste.

A. Your fish produce more ammonia by breathing than they do from their waste, so they are producing deadly ammonia all winter.

Some of the microbes that make up Arctic Blend are harvested from the frigid waters of the Arctic ocean. These microbes make their own natural anti-freeze and thus perform at their peak in water temperatures between 35 and 52 degrees F.

You can start using Arctic Blend’s beneficial bacteria in the fall and all winter. If you have any left over in the spring, you can use it until your pond water temperature reaches 65 degrees F.

Arctic Blend is the only winter pond care product that can remove ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphorus, and digest sludge in water temperatures as low as 35 degrees F.

32 ounces treats up to 5,000 gallons for 5 months


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