Aqua Prazi, 25 grams, FREE Shipping

Aqua Prazi koi pond treatment for Fluke parasites is 100% pure Praziquantel. No fillers, no added medications!

Koi fish flukes are the cause of many deadly koi ulcers, body sores, and bacterial infections on koi and pond fish. Aqua Prazi is the safest most effective koi medication on the market for treating fluke parasites, it does not stress your koi pond fish or set back your pond filter like many other fluke treatments. Plus, it’s also an excellent pond treatment for internal tape worms in goldfish, koi, and other pond fish. All it takes is one treatment of Aqua Prazi and no pond water changes. (Note: some ponds might need two treatments.) We suggest treating with Aqua Prazi every spring to get your koi pond fish off to a great year. And again in the fall right before you put your koi pond fish down for their long winter’s nap!

Treats 2,500 gallons.


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