Aqua Meds De-Tox Plus Chlorine and Heavy Metals Remover

De-Tox Plus is a premium pond water conditioner that removes the chemicals from city water. It’s the best choice for areas that have high doses of chloramines in their city water. We recommend De-Tox Plus for every pond water change, as it removes harmful ammonia in addition to chlorine.

Instantly detoxifies chlorine and destroys chloramines.
Does not affect pH
Promotes the production of fish’s natural slime coat
Adds essential electrolytes
Safe for fish, pets and wildlife
Your best choice in emergency situations like power outages or filter failure
Neutralizes Aqua Meds Eliminate treatment

DeTox Plus 32 oz treats up to 3,840 gallons

DO NOT USE De-Tox Plus ON FISH USED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Not for human use. Keep away from children.


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