Koi Medicine

We don’t stock everything under the sun, just the medications that we know from experience work well if properly diagnosed…. the ones we use in the shop. The vast majority of koi illnesses fall into one of these three categories. 

Bacterial Infections

These infections present in various ways, from pink spots about the size of a pea to large gashes that look like wounds. Bacterial infections are often secondary problems caused by wounds from parasites, so be sure to treat possible parasite infections, too.

Flukes and Anchor Worms

One of the most common koi diseases, flukes are usually found in the gills and  cause them to be red and inflamed. Anchor worms look like white threads or bean sprouts, growing out of the koi’s body. These medications can also treat other types of worms in the koi.

Ich and Fungal Infections

Ich is a very common parasite that presents as tiny white growths on the koi’s body. It looks as if the fish has been salted. Each Ich extrusion will appear as a small white lump. Fungal infections are caused by sub-standard conditions such as high ammonia or nitrite and overcrowding. It presents as fin rot (damaged, truncated, or missing fins) or mouth rot, a red/pink rash around the koi’s mouth.

Scrape ‘N Scope: Parasite Diagnosis Service

We examine your koi’s slime coat to identify the parasite causing the problem and provide an accurate, effective plan of treatment.