Koi Kash Rewards

Get Even More For Your Money

Now you can earn reward points automatically with every Discount Koi  purchase. Just go to My Account and sign up to be a registered user.

How It Works

You’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on koi, food, or medicine. And you can redeem your Koi Kash any time, for anything we sell (excluding  shipping)! 

Redemption is easy… just go to your Koi Kash Rewards control panel and click the Redeem tab. Your points will be turned into a coupon. Click the View Coupons link to see the redemption code or apply it to your order before you shop. 

150 points is worth $1 of merchandise… which equals a 6.6% rebate on your orders, when redeemed.

No Fees, No Waiting, No Effort

Sign up today and the hard part is done. It’s all automatic. So start earning rewards toward your next awesome koi right now. Just go to My Account and register today.


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